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Commentary: Girls in Boy Scouts

For many years boys have only been allowed to join Boy Scouts, and girls were only allowed to join Girl Scouts. A few months ago, however, an announcement was made that allows both boys and girls to Boy Scouts, although this change will not take place until 2018.

There are not many differences between Girl and Boy Scouts besides what is taught to them. According to CNN, “The expansion is also aimed at helping busy families consolidate programs for their children.” With everyone being allowed to join Boy Scouts, it would be more accessible for busy families.

Girls will get the opportunity to do the same activities as the boys, creating a feeling of equality for them. This decision did not come easy. It took years of convincing from families and even some of the girls in Girl Scouts.

Not only are girls allowed to join Boy Scouts, they can also receive the prestigious Eagle Scout ranking. This ranking provides Scouts with academic, professional, and military benefits. In the past it has only been offered to males, but with the joining of the scouts together means equal opportunities are provided regardless of gender.

Previously, the highest award offered to Girl Scouts was the Gold Award. The Gold Award requires the scout to be in high school and complete the seven-step program.

On the negative side, many people agree that instead of combining the groups together, the Girl Scouts should incorporate the activities that Boy Scouts do into their curriculum. Boy Scouts participate in more physical activities, whereas girls earn badges and have a cookie program. For this reason, girls may feel that they are not as challenged as the boys. It may be a better idea to teach the boys and girls the same concepts.

If a girl wanted to join Boy Scouts, they are finally given the opportunity to, but if too much controversy arises over this topic, it may be the wiser decision to incorporate the Boy Scout program into the Girl Scouts.