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Fictional story: ‘Cold Front’

Let me start out by saying this isn’t a happily ever after story, or the origin of superhero, or romantic novella, this is a different kind of story. This is my story. *** My name is Frankie White and I’m 22 years old. I stand at 5 ft-10 in, with sandy blonde hair, and icy…
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Adrian Llamas

December 27, 2017

Let me start out by saying this isn’t a happily ever after story, or the origin of superhero, or romantic novella, this is a different kind of story.

This is my story.


My name is Frankie White and I’m 22 years old. I stand at 5 ft-10 in, with sandy blonde hair, and icy blue eyes. Some might say I was crafted by a god. I graduated high school at the young age of 15 and college at 18.

I live in New York City, the most amazing city in the world. I recently moved here from New Haven, Conn. where I attended Yale. I graduated at the top of my class and now I am gifted the best job at Drew Memorial Hospital, the best hospital of the east coast. I am a first year resident in the surgical program, which I absolutely love. Before I got this job, I worked as a prestigious scientist in Connecticut. I did that for about 4 years. Some people did not take me seriously because they thought I was way too young to work with them. So, in a way I am glad I went back to school to get my medical degree while I had that job. Now I’m loving everything in my life here in the Big Apple. Except I didn’t know my life was about to change forever.


It all started when I woke up one morning getting ready for work. I still woke up with the cold I had for the past few days. I would usually still go to work sick , but I couldn’t really function well with this cold. I knew my boss, Dr. Wray, would not let me call in again for the third time. I still didn’t feel so good so I decided to take a hot shower to see if that would help me.

When I got out I felt like a whole new person. Little did I know that would be true later on today. As I got ready I noticed that it started to snow outside. Which is weird for May and I remember the weather forecast saying it was going to be a clear and sunny day. Well I guess I have to get my coat and scarf, now that it’s snowing.

As I leave my apartment I see my next door neighbor Danielle is leaving to work as well. She is so beautiful and down right sweet. She has the most magnificent green eyes as well. I wish I can ask her out but she thinks of me as just a best friend.

“Hey Frankie you feeling better.”

“Hey Dani, and no not really but I cannot call in again, so I have to pull it together and make it through the day.”

“Oh wow really that sucks, and it must be worse that you have to go outside with the weather like this.”

“Tell me about it. Well I have to head out now before I am late. You coming?”

“Yeah……. Wait you can go I forgot that I have to print some copies of my resume. I am trying to find a new job, since the school I’m working at now isn’t paying that well.”

“Are you sure I can wait a little longer if you want?”

“No go ahead, I do not want to make you any late than you have to be.”

“Alright I’ll text you later, bye.”

“See you.”


Of course as usual, the street is packed with cars that are bumper to bumper. I think it will be faster if I walk because it doesn’t look like the cars are even moving.

Ugh. The snow is starting to come down harder and faster. I hope this doesn’t make me late. I think I might have use the shortcut if I want to make it on time. So I cut through an alley, which is a little dangerous and long but it saves me like 20 minutes. I also have to cut through a lot of garbage, with my luck the snow covered it up.

The snow seemed to becoming down harder. If I want to make it in one piece to work I need to hurry. As I near the end of the alleys I see two scary strong-looking men with a bat and a knife. As I am about to turn around another man is behind me and knocks me to the ground.

“Give me your watch and your wallet now,” said the man who pushed me.

This guy talking seems to be the leader of the other two guys.The other were around me, so I really couldn’t run away.

So I gave him my wallet, but I couldn’t bare to give up my watch. It was my dad’s, and he gave it to me when he passed away from an unknown disease. He said his father gave it to him when he was my age.

“Hurry up give us the watch,” said the leader.

“Let’s just beat him till he gives it to us,” said the one with the bat.

“Yeah, I think my knife has been craving some blood for a while,” said the one with the knife.

“Please just take my wallet and go, this watch means a lot to me,” I begged.

I think I had a shot of running away, if I ran through between the two guys with weapons I would have a chance.

“Okay I will give it to you,” I lied.

As I was about to take it off I took my chance. So, I ran and used all my force to ram the two. It turns out they were tougher than I thought they were. I was knocked to my butt, and what I did was a huge mistake.

“Okay guys it looks like he wants us to take it from him the hard way. Get him guys,” he said.

I was scared on what they would to me, so I covered my face and waited for it to happen. Then, I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and looked to see blood coming out of it. I was stabbed. Next I got hit in the head with the bat and kicked in the stomach. Not to be funny but I got stabbed in the back literally. I heard them say I had enough and they got down and took the watch off my hand. As they walked out of the alley I saw a blue van come up and a man open it. As they got in and sped off I began to close my eyes as I laid on the floor dying in the snow.


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