Seniors are struggling to stay on track.
Charter Oak High School

Fight back against senioritis

Senior year: it is the time full of memorable moments and anticipation for the future. Making the best out of the last year of high school could cause individuals to disregard their studies. Neglecting work is one symptoms of “senioritis.”

Google defines senioritis as, “a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.” As a student of the senior class and by speaking to my peers, I can vouch that senioritis is a real situation that occurs.

This phenomenon comes as no shock for various reasons. A stressful first semester of enduring the overwhelming process of applying to colleges while maintaining grades is a handful. After all the years of hard work pays off, it is only normal that students believe that they are done, especially when college acceptance letters start flowing in.

Senior year is a very busy year. Students are juggling school, work, extracurricular activities, college visits, a social life and family life, and they are thinking about their future. Students become burned out from all of the events occurring and tend to put schoolwork aside simply because some do not care as much anymore.

“It most definitely exists; school is boring,” said Kyle Stafford.

They are ready for something new and to learn things that really interest them.

“I am ready for high school to be over. I’m excited for the future,” said Michaela Gershon and Francesca Cano.

There are some ways to combat senioritis. US News has tips to help against senioritis: Create short-term and long-term goals so you can stay motivated throughout the year, no matter the circumstances. Being involved in elective classes can keep students involved in school without becoming overwhelmed.

Timing is a major key in the senior year. The most important thing to manage is having a little bit of “me” time. Being able to relax is important so you have energy to accomplish all the things necessary in the hectic year. The biggest factor to fight senioritis is knowing that college acceptances can be taken away if grades do not stay as in acceptable range.

Even though senioritis has had many victims so far this year, keep pushing on seniors. We don’t have much time left in high school, and the best plan is to finish strong.

–Evelyn Galtman