Love, Simon Premier
Charter Oak High School

He’s done keeping his story STRAIGHT

“Why is straight the default?”

“Love, Simon” is the new take on a typical love story hitting theatres March 16th. The on-screen take of the novel Simon VS the Homosapien Agenda captures the hearts of not only teenagers but people of all ages with a touching LGBT+ coming-of-age drama.

The movie follows Simon Spier (Nick Robinson), seventeen-year-old high school senior with a completely normal life holding in a “huge secret.” The story follows Simon and Blue (Keiynan Lonsdale), Simon’s anonymous closeted pen pal. Over the course of the movie you watch Spier fall in love with Blue as they bond over their nearly parallel lives.

The plot thickens when someone at their school threatens to out Simon. Throughout the movie viewers watch Simon try to navigate how to come out along with falling in love and trying to figure out who Blue is.

Nick Robinson, who played Simon Spier, gives a compelling and emotional performance. While Robinson was shooting for “Love, Simon,” his own brother came out. Robinson tells Ellen that “the film opened discussion between him and his brother, the purpose of the film is to start conversation.”

Kannon Omachi said, “Love, Simon was a story that needed to be told especially because big studios (Fox) don’t always produce movies like this.”

When the movie opened, it seemed cheesy and unrealistic but as the storyline developed, the story of Simon Spier is one everyone should hear. The movie overall was an emotional rollercoaster in the midst of self-discovery, blackmail, and a great love story.

Maya Z said, “‘Love, Simon’ is one of the best teen movies and a must see!! It warmed my heart almost every scene.”

Taylor Sakata said, “‘Love, Simon’ was such an important movie that I think needed to be made! It was such a heartwarming movie and I think is something that everyone can relate to, no matter what age, gender, sexuality, orientation, and etc…”

On another note, not only was the movie phenomenal, but the marketing for the movie as well. Around Los Angeles, there were posters promoting the new film all over. In Hollywood there was posters plastered saying, “Dear LA, which way to weho? Asking for a friend. Love, Simon,” referring to the large LGBT+ community in West Hollywood, California. Visit West Hollywood describes Weho as “40% of West Hollywood’s population identifies as LGBT+. Visitors are assured a safe, welcoming urban environment that was built on the needs and interests of the community.”

In West Hollywood, the posters promoting the film states, “Dear WEHO, I’m done keeping my story straight. Love, Simon” But the marketing does not stop there, prior to the beginning of the movie the screen has a message displayed before the start of the movie saying, “Dear everyone, I’ so happy you could come out with me. Love, Simon”

Overall, “Love, Simon” is a new teen coming-of-age LGBT+ film you do not want to miss. With a remarkable cast featuring: Nick Robinson, Katherine Langford, Jennifer Garner, Josh Duhamel, and many more, “Love, Simon” is a one of a kind twist on a typical teen romance, and amazing marketing be sure to catch the film in theaters starting March 16th!