Charter Oak High School

How Get Lit has affected youth poets across LA

For many students, Get Lit offers not only classes, but also a safe space to share their difficulties and find their voice. Get Lit has changed the lives of those involved and helped them discover a love for words through poetry. Poets find inspiration in all forms, from their friends and family to their dreams and frustrations.

Students from all over Los Angeles are given the opportunity to work with Get Lit through their school. Get Lit even offers curriculum that is used in some schools. Programs are offered on weekends and after school to allow poets to hone their writing and performing, and to give them a chance to learn from trained poets.

Get Lit is not simply an after-school program; it is a tight-knit community, a family that bonds over their troubles and joys. Some students have no parents or siblings to turn to when times get tough. Get Lit provides mentors and friends, a friendly ear and a place to call home.

Each poet has their own story, and HS Insider caught up with a few of them to ask what theirs is.