LOTS OF LOVE: Mrs. Hauser poses with her library aides—Caleb Rosa, Michael Arevalo, and Soliel Carbajal.
Charter Oak High School

Kicking cancer out of the Hause-er

As people celebrate cancer awareness in the month of October, Charter Oak recognizes beloved librarian, Mrs. Linda Hauser, who is currently fighting liver cancer.

Mrs. Hauser has been working for Charter Oak High for 25 years. She is loved by many students and faculty members.

Diagnosed with liver cancer in Feb. 2006, Hauser has been fighting it ever since. She gets an injection once every three weeks and surgery once every nine months. She does not feel any physical pain, but she feels discomfort every once in awhile. She becomes flushed, and her face turns bright red every so often.

With her cancer, Hauser has found that it affects part of her lifestyle. “I sleep a lot. There are certain foods that I can’t eat, and I don’t have the energy to do some things,” she said, but she does not fight her cancer alone. She is surrounded by people who love her, from her husband and daughters to her student aides. “The students make a big difference. They always make me laugh,” she said. “If it weren’t for my students, I would have given up a long time ago.”

Hauser considers her husband and her daughters to be her biggest supporters. “They always tell me ‘It’s OK,’ ‘You can do it,’ ‘You’re strong,’ or they try to make me laugh. I know they have their own struggles. They really try to stay positive for me, but I know it is hard on them,” she said.

Those also supporting Hauser are her library aides. Luke Knight, senior, said, “Her illness has made me cautious, and made me really want to enjoy my life. I definitely hope she’s cured. She’s like our second mom.” Knight appreciates the support the she gives him. Cole Light, junior, said, “She’s a nice, wonderful lady who is very caring to all of us. I hope she gets better.” Emily Rodriguez, senior, said, “Mrs. Hauser is the strongest person who can fight through anything, and nothing intimidates her.” Rodriguez said that Hauser feels deeply for her students and appreciates can always make her laugh. Emily said, “I hope she gets better, and her treatments keep working as they have been. I hope they find a cure soon, and she can live to see both of her grandkids get married and have lives.”

Hauser feels that it is important to celebrate and recognize cancer awareness because anyone can get it. “It doesn’t matter who you are. It’s especially the bad when young people get cancer.”

When she is not going through treatment or feeling discomfort, Hauser loves to travel, read, spend time with her grandkids, “practice the luge” and go to the movies before noon because it is cheaper. She enjoys spending time with her family and student aides and hopes for a cure.

–Natalie Rodriguez