Captain America: Civil War is an emotional and thrilling pay off to everything Marvel has been building up over the course of their twelve films.
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Movie Review: ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ perfect

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America and Iron Man have fought alongside each other against many devastating threats. Whether it was the Chitauri invasion in “The Avengers” or a psychotic artificial intelligence in “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” Captain America and Iron Man have always been the two who led the Avengers through their greatest battles. But in “Captain America: Civil War,” they are pitted against each other when a piece of government legislation, the Sokovia Accords, splits the superhero community down the middle.

Following the events of Age of Ultron, the world is scared of what unchecked superheroes are capable of. The United Nations drafts a bill known as the Sokovia Accords (named after the Avengers devastating battle with Ultron in Sokovia), and the basic premise of it is that superheroes will register with, and work for, the government. While Iron Man agrees with the idea, Captain America is against it, arguing that it limits their rights to protect people. This leads to them each forming their own team of Avengers, which leads to an all out war.

While most of Marvel’s films have been terrific and all have been at least good, Captain America: Civil War surpasses all of them. It is a gripping, emotional story that takes full advantage of the buildup from the 12 movies that have preceded it.

Two of the biggest highlights of the film were the introduction of the characters Spider-Man and Black Panther. Tom Holland is a perfect Peter Parker/Spider-Man, embodying everything in the character that fans have wanted to see for years. One of the greatest parts of this film is the way he captures Peter’s youth and inexperience, something that was never fully explored in the films up to this point. Spider-Man is a relatable superhero, and when the viewer sees Spider-Man legitimately nervous about going into battle, we understand where he is coming from.

Chadwick Boseman also shines as Black Panther, a tough, unyielding force of nature. He makes the character totally his own and has the audience on the edge of their seats waiting for his solo film in 2018.

Overall, Captain America: Civil War is everything a Marvel fan could ask for in a film: interesting characters, thrilling action, and just enough hints about the future that you walk out wanting the next Marvel movie to come out tomorrow. It’s a thrill ride of a film that pays off everything the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been building up to, and also sets up an exciting future.

–Andy Foreman