STOP! Do you know the effects of Mushrooms? Photograph Taken By: Adrian Llamas
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Negative Impact of Mushrooms

In California, the legal sale of marijuana took place on Jan. 1, 2018; now many are looking to do the same with mushrooms. However, there are many plausible reasons, such as health issues and economy changes, to keep mushrooms from being legalized in California.

Mushrooms are described as “mushrooms that contain psilocybin, [which is] a hallucinogenic substance,” and people who take this narcotic may start experiencing the effects of the drug in under 30 minutes, according to Narconon.

Mushrooms are sometimes called “magic” mushrooms because “some people have felt that their use of this substance has resulted in remarkable spiritual experiences.” A person’s sight, color and sound can change because of the chemical psilocybin.

According to an addiction website, “people have reported Shrooms to be less damaging than any other hallucinogen or addictive substances.”

Usually people are only given the positive effects for what they take and ignore the actual life-changing symptoms that may arise. For example, users can experience health issues with blood pressure, nausea, anxiety, mental illness worsening and many more health conditions.

Shrooms can also have a long lasting effect on your body when consumed over a period of time. Mental conditions that may arise are disconnected thoughts, constant forgetfulness, delusions and other conditions.

Mushrooms can affect others as well as the user. While under the influence of this drug, individuals choosing to drive can endanger others on the road. “A person using magic mushrooms is often unable to discern what is fantasy and what is reality,” according to

Legalizing mushrooms will make it easier and cheaper for a teenager in school to obtain it from a drug dealer.

According to a treatment center website,  “Mushrooms are cheap to buy and readily available on both high school and college campuses, putting teens around the country at risk.” There are 75 different mushrooms being grown in the United States.

“In many of the case reports from the New York University study, participants reported experiencing intense anxiety and discomfort – ranging from a few minutes to a few hours – during their trip,” according to Science Alert.

If you think that mushrooms can help your anxiety, which some people state, keep in mind it may not have the same affect on you than it does on others.