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ReCharge: a safe-space for Leimert Park teens

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What matters most to teens in a community where crime rate is high and young people are being unjustly mis-profiled and criminalized? Having a safe haven for teens to connect and express themselves is a good place to start.

ReCharge of Leimert Park is a small group of teens with the oldest being an incoming freshman at UCLA and the youngest being an incoming high school freshman.

“It just gives us a chance to network together. A lot of us are artists, a lot of us are entrepreneurs, just doing a lot of great things for ourselves. It just gives us the chance to just all come together, share our ideas [and] collaborate,” said Lynzie Glover, the oldest of the group, “I’ve learned a lot from all the people in ReCharge … they’re very culturally aware [and] socially aware … it’s just a good feeling.”

“I think what’s most important is keeping it youth oriented, youth driven, and youth produced – there’s a need for that, for sure,” ReCharge Co-Founder Keisa Davis explains. “To me, it’s rewarding to see a teen put on an event, lead a workshop, moderate a panel, and do it all on their own… to see how young people can contribute to society now and not wait until they’re along a certain path; that’s what I love about it.”

ReCharge holds community events with workshops, open-mic nights, and spaces for teen vendors to sell their art and other things. The workshops teach a range of creative expression from graffiti art to nail art, how to be an entrepreneur and how to deal with social issues.

ReCharge is holding an event on Saturday, July 18 at 5pm in Leimert Park. See flyer below.

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