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Review: The Weeknd’s ‘My Dear, Melancholy’

Fans listening to a nice tune.

When going through a hard time, some people cope through drugs, alcohol or sex. This man copes through his music.

Abel Tesfaye, also known as The Weeknd, teased a possible surprise release in an iMessage exchange with his creative director, La Mar Taylor, according to genius.com.

Surprisingly, The Weekend unexpectedly released the album “My Dear Melancholy” two days later. Although the short album has six songs, the album still found its way to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, the biggest week for an R&B album since his previous album “Starboy.”

The album follows Abel’s history with supermodel Bella Hadid and singer songwriter Selena Gomez.

The first song off the track, “Call Out my Name,” reveals his struggle of a past relationship; Abel is finally becoming aware his past lover was not putting in as much effort as he was and had, “wasted my time.”

Although the entire song was perfection, social media blew up with his lyric of “I almost cut a piece of myself for your life.” This could be metaphorical. However, it was taken very literal. “Selena Gomez has consistently struggled with serious health issues due to her Lupus diagnosis. The ordeal became worse during her relationship with The Weeknd when she had to go through surgery to have a kidney transplant to circumvent eventual death from the disease.

In this case, the often metaphorical phrase “cut a piece of myself” could also be very literal; fans have theorized that “Abel was possibly willing to donate one of his kidneys in order to save his girlfriend’s life,” according to genius.com.

The Weeknd did not donate his kidney. However, Selena Gomez’s best friend, Francia Raisa, became her kidney donor.

The second song off the track, “Try Me,” portrays Abel’s trademark haunting tone as he attempts to convince a previous lover to leave her current partner for him.

In the first two songs focus on his relationship with Selena Gomez and his attempt to “let go” after the breakup.

The third track, “Wasted Times,” is personally my favorite of the entire album. He compares his former relationships of Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez. The opening lyrics, “Wasted times I spent with someone else, she wasn’t even half of you,” refers to the waste of time he spent with Selena in the relationship. The day after the couple’s relationship ended, Selena was seen spending time with her former boyfriend Justin Bieber, who she broke up with in 2015.

The fourth song, “I Was Never There,” Abel blames his depression on Selena as he overlooks the ending of the meaningful relationship.

“He is unable to deal with the break-up in a healthy way, resorting to drugs, alcohol and casual sex to numb the pain. While he recognizes that this is self-destructive, he pins the blame on the other party,” according to Genius’ Song Lyrics & Knowledge.

The fifth track, “Hurt You,” Abel mentions a warning to his past lover who is still in love with him, fans speculating both lovers.

The lyrics, “Cause if it’s love you want again, don’t waste your time,” mentions how Bella might be looking for a relationship, but he is afraid of breaking her heart.

The outro track, “Privilege,” is a good bye to Selena, declaring he will be back to his old ways of drugs, alcohol and mindless sex.

Every track on this album gained popularity because The Weeknd tells the story of his past two relationships, and many of the listeners understood and could relate to what he went through.

The Weeknd sang at Coachella 2018, where he was seen crying through a few of his tracks on stage. Although, the situation from his perspective was seen as brutal, The Weeknd developed an album that was beautiful to the ears.

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