Charter Oak High School

School cuts by federal government

Schools are an important part of life and something that everyone has to go through. It is especially important that people get a good education so that they have many opportunities in the future. But an executive decision from President Donald Trump will cut public schools funding from the government, which could hinder the education of the students.

In Trump’s release of his administration’s new “America First” budget, he plans to cut funds to schools by 13.5 percent, an amount that totals up to $9.2 billion. Mr. Adam Stites-Hallett, acting principal, has concerns about this budget plan.

“It’s huge, and it will absolutely have ramifications. This is just the beginning part of the process. There will be a big fight [over this budget],” he said.

“The proposed budget is merely a blueprint. Congressional lawmakers will draft their own budget proposals, and the plan Congress passes will form the basis of the appropriation bills that fund the government,” stated the Atlantic. Although it is not certain that the bill will pass, there is the possibility of this happening.

The plan will not only cut money for schools, but it also cuts “$2.4 billion in grants for teacher training and $1.2 billion in funding for summer and after-school programs,” said the Atlantic. This would mean that people who want to be teachers and need training would lose that opportunity to pursue the career that they want.

“I think that this one would have the biggest ramifications. I am a firm believer in professional learning and in the best possible education for students,” said Mr. Stites. “That, to me, is a concern.”

He believes that taking away money from the grants takes away opportunities for professional learning.

“Teachers are like the backbone of a school,” he said.

The loss of money for after-school and summer school programs will also be opportunities lost for students.

“Literacy alone is so important. There have been studies that connect illiteracy at an early age to incarceration rates,” said Mr. Stites. “It’s the wrong place to be cutting [money from].”

Losing money for education is something that cannot be taken lightly. Cutting the budget for schools can affect the education that students receive which also affects their future.