Ventura County Fire Photo by Jordan Alvarez
Charter Oak High School

Southern California’s burning up

Southern California erupted into flames the Monday evening. Several brush fires broke out in Ventura County spreading into the Los Angeles County shortly after. As of recent reports from Tuesday evening, the fire is still zero percent contained and rapidly burning through Southern California without remorse.

On Monday night, the yearly strong Santa Ana winds began to blow across the Ventura, Los Angeles and Orange County neighborhoods. According to the Washington Post, a small fire swiftly spread along Ventura County moving east as the winds picked up Monday evening.

A small bush fire, now known as the Thomas fire, showed no mercy crossing county lines burning various business, homes, and wildlife. Lexi Lancaster, Orange County resident said she was able to smell the fire despite living 100 miles away from the incident.

Starting this Monday night, hundreds of individuals were advised to leave their homes as firefighters were unsuccessful in containing the burning beast.

Jordan Alvarez, Ventura County resident, opened up to me about her experience, “I found out last night around 9 p.m. but I went to bed figuring it was not a big deal. Waking up, I was faced with an orange atmosphere and firemen telling me to evacuate my home I’ve lived in all my life. Walking through my house trying to decide what to take with me is truly one of the hardest things I’ve done.”

CNN issued a report stating, “A red-flag warning is in effect until 8 p.m. PT on Friday. We expect to be out here all week fighting and containing this fire.”

Kannon Melody, Verdugo Hills High School senior was evacuated 11:30 a.m. from school grounds due to the Rye fire scatter across the San Fernando Valley.

Melody states, “The evacuation was a hectic and unorganized scenario. Additionally, I personally felt relieved as it postponed my math test although worried for my classmates who were being evacuated from their homes.”

Reportedly, nearly 28,000 homes have been evacuated in Southern California in the past 24 hours and many are still being advised. Along with this, red-flag warnings have begun to appear left and right as the winds continue.

Living less than 50 miles away from this fiery beast, here are some wildfire reminders from The Hartford. Remember to turn off all gas and electric appliances if told to evacuate, and evacuate immediately.

The Hartford also reminds us to stay prepared by keeping emergency kits prepared in our cars and keep a safe shelter in the back of our minds.

Presently, the Thomas and Rye fires are continuing to burn through thousands of homes, communities, and lives. Although this incident is not in our backyard, be sure to stay aware and cautious as Thomas and Rye do not seem to plan on halting their adventure anytime soon.

Photo by Jordan Alvarez