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From student to SoundCloud phenomenon: JREMY

Rapper JREMY poses in front of a McLaren car, complete with a Louis Vuitton designer handbag. (Photo courtesy of Jeremy Kimani)

“Yeah, and I’m confident, I be gettin’ to the money, not the opposite,” is a line many Claremont High School students would have probably been able to read in the tune of rapper JREMY’s latest song, which has seemingly become a staple on campus.

Now with eight songs on SoundCloud, three music videos, an acting career, a concert, an entire social media challenge, and an album he is currently working on, rapper JREMY, also known as junior Jeremy Kimani, has caught CHS off guard and shot to local stardom.

Kimani is not just any SoundCloud rapper. With most caught in the habit of writing consistently cliché and raunchy lyrics only to go along with unoriginal beats and production styles, Kimani seems to have gracefully avoided this. He has successfully set himself apart from the rest through a distinct message he strives to ultimately spread through his music and career.

“The inspiration from my lyrics comes from everyday life things I encounter and I use my lyrics to help motivate people to pursue their dreams or be confident or get through whatever they’re getting through at the time,” Kimani said. “I’m also Kenyan, and I feel like that has brought me to have many different perspectives because a lot of people are usually one-sided. I feel like I have multiple different perspectives as being an immigrant and coming to a new land and all these things I’ve encountered has built me to be stronger and me helped influence others.”

Kimani has an acting career that is widely overlooked by his music. He has been seen on Netflix’s series “Fuller House” as a background actor, as well as “Wisdom of the Crowd” on CBS.

He plans to participate in the CHS theater program for the rest of his high school career, and direct movies in the future.

With all of these ambitious future aspirations, Kimani strives to continue to use his religion as his motivation for both his career and lyrics, making his fans and followers aware and inspired by such motivations.

“Another big factor was God, because he kept me motivated,” Kimani said. “Whenever you’re going through something, God always has your back.”

Kimani did not make his rapping debut on SoundCloud alone. Though his family members have constantly been stressing his musical potential for years, he only started on Smule’s AutoRap recently, an app where the user selects a beat and raps over it.

When Kimani began to recognize his potential, he made his switch to SoundCloud in the summer of 2017.

“My sister always used to say ‘you’re going to be a rapper’ and I never really believed her,” Kimani said. “That wasn’t until my cousin and I started to make music last summer and he got me really passionate about it.”

Later down the road in Kimani’s rapping career, he is driven to push a message of confidence and motivation using his perspective obtained by being a Kenyan immigrant internationally, and so far, he has a plan to achieve this.

“I want to take my music really seriously,” Kimani said. “I want to go big, I want to go overseas and help people from many different nations through music and just be a huge influence throughout the nations.”

Quite notably, it only takes Kimani around four hours to write the entirety of his lyrics and the total production time for one of his songs only equates to around a full day.

With a full-length album coming out soon (to which Kimani does not wish to disclose the details about), and a plethora of new music and music videos, one can only imagine where his talent and drive will take him.

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