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Four life hacks for SAT test day!

As the first semester finally comes to a close and the memory of coffee-filled nights from finals weeks leave a scar on our minds, all of us want to sip on our Starbucks and spend time with family and friends. During junior year, winter break is absolutely essential for prepping for your SATs. As a senior, here are my tips for making SAT test day the best and get those high scores you’ve been aiming for!

Here are my four key tips to ensure success on your SAT day:

 1.) The food game

During a three-hour and forty-five minute exam, bringing food during breaks are absolutely essential. Even if you ate a big, nutritious breakfast, your body needs some food to get you through a couple more sections. On my SAT, I brought a water bottle (not cold, room temperature), trail mix, and Odwalla bars. Make sure the snack you bring it easy and clean to eat and something you are used to eating. Trying a new bar or bringing a latte may not be the best suggestions and you never know what might happen. Better be safe and sure and bring snacks for your test day. Simple, easy, and fast is the best way to go with snacks.

2.) Choose your clothes wisely

It is always the small details that can make or break your SAT test day. I learned from taking the SAT three times that you always should bring a sweater or jacket despite the weather outside of the test room. Chances are the proctor turns on the AC, and a shaking and freezing body will not help you at all. Especially if you are down with a cold, the AC only makes it worse. Another tip is to show up to the SAT dressed up. Wearing clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable. I know for me dressing up a bit helped me to have confidence to take on such a lengthy test. Avoid sweatpants and lazy clothes; it only makes you feel passive and sleepy, two things you do want to experience!

3.) You have earned the right!

After taking the SAT, you earned the right to treat yourself! You have made it through a long exam and not to mention the late-night cram sessions, you earned the right to get something to treat yourself. Not only will it make you feel happy and accomplished, it eases the stress that accompanies the aftermath of the SAT. I typically get a nice lunch with friends who also took it the same day as me or watch a movie. Something to get your mind off worrying about the test will work!

4.) Finish things ahead of time

No one likes having a bucket load of things to do after they take the SAT. One thing I learned from my skillful planning and organizing is that do work ahead of time. This means trying to finish as much work as you can before test day arrives. It relieves you realizing you do not have any or as much work to finish after the SAT. It definitely gives you time to binge watch any Netflix show after the SAT or hang out with friends.

Hope these tips help! Remember that SAT scores are only one aspect of your college applications. You have so much more about you, do not let your SAT scores discourage you, but motive you to do well in high school!