Claire Jones is a 2019 High School Insider summer intern. She graduated from Orange County School of the Arts and will attend New York University. (Mel Melcon / L.A. Times)
Cleveland Charter High School

Claire Jones discovered her love for writing through music

Claire Jones has loved live music since attending her first concert at just 7 years old. Jones, 18, discovered her passion for storytelling by writing concert reviews for High School Insider.

At the start of middle school, her sister introduced her to the band Paradise Fears and went to its concert in L.A. Jones then received a journal from her favorite lead singer and in that journal, started writing poetry and short stories.

What sparked her love for writing was the novel “Paper Towns” by John Green.

“As embarrassing as it is, John Green has a special place in my heart,” Jones said. “And I fell in love with writing and wanted to write something like this.”

Among her friends, Jones is known for having a “crazy” side, said Julia Wright, Jones’ friend of seven years.

“She took me to my first concert, and that was crazy,” Wright said. “We got lost in L.A. so many times before we could drive, and I asked her, ‘Where are we going?’ and Claire said, ‘I don’t know but we’ll figure it out.’ ”

Jones said that she’s known for having a stash of 12 premium-quality pink cowboy hats in her car at all times and anyone who enters her vehicle must wear one of them.

Jones’ adventurous nature is seen through her friendships, as well as through her determination to seek out opportunities to review concerts.

Jones has also had several experiences meeting celebrities such as singers Shawn Mendes, Zayn Malik and Selena Gomez. Using social media posts and Google maps, Jones was able to find celebrities and the hotels they would stay in.

“She’s also very, very quick with her comedy and humor and how she responds to things is all very quick,” said Ellie Williams, a close friend of Jones. “I have yet to meet anyone to process things that quickly and have the perfect response.”

She hopes to someday become an editor of a newspaper or a publisher for Penguin Books.

Through all of her interactions with celebrities and friends, she has made an impact by being “the go-to person,” Wright said.

“The world needs more Claires,” she said.


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