Opinion: Donald Trump — the Kim Kardashian of politics

Trump is constantly obscuring all newsfeeds nationwide with his latest comments on how hideous his opponents are, the Mexican rapists that plague our great nation, and the inferior qualities of all women. Instead of taking a rational stance on any political issues, Trump instead advocates unrealistic political reforms under the possibility that he is elected…
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Anthony Aguirre

September 21, 2015

Trump is constantly obscuring all newsfeeds nationwide with his latest comments on how hideous his opponents are, the Mexican rapists that plague our great nation, and the inferior qualities of all women. Instead of taking a rational stance on any political issues, Trump instead advocates unrealistic political reforms under the possibility that he is elected president.

One such policy that he plans on putting into place once he takes the position of POTUS is the giant wall along the entirety of the southern border of the United States. Taken directly from Trump’s website,

“The cost of building a permanent border wall pales mightily in comparison to what American taxpayers spend every single year on dealing with the fallout of illegal immigration on their communities, schools and unemployment offices.”

However, there doesn’t seem to be an ounce of evidence supporting this claim. In fact, this is a recurring theme throughout much of what Trump has argued to be very real, American problems. How much is this wall going to cost, anyways?

Not to worry, Mr. Trump has already come up with a solution for that as well:

“Mexico must pay for the wall.”

Ah, yes. Since the American people won’t want to fund a multi-billion dollar wall, we’ll just make the Mexicans pay for it. This, of course, runs along the same sound logic that America has used in the past. Who could ever forget about the time that we forced the Vietnamese to pay for the cost of our troop transport in the Vietnam War? Or the time we forced Japan to pay for the development of the atomic bombs that we later dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? It’s in our history, people!


“But,” a Trump supporter may ask, “what about the crime wave that is plaguing America as a result of these dirty immigrants?”

The proper response would be, “What crime wave?” There is absolutely no proof whatsoever that illegal immigration has made a significant contribution to crime rates in the United States, yet Trump proudly stands beside his claims. He consistently cites a particular 2014 Fusion Article in order to back his comments, yet a closer analysis of the piece shows that there is no information within the article that correlates with Trump’s statements regarding increased American crime rates.

When CNN spokesman, Don Lemon, brought this to Trump’s attention, his ingenious response was as follows:

“Well somebody’s doing the raping, Don.”


Trump Rape Stats

For all you visual learners, here is a pie graph of Trump’s logic.

Oh, Donald.

While does cite all of the sources for Trump’s accusations, their credibility is…questionable at best, seeing that almost all of the stances that he has chosen to provide proof for are sourced by right-wing organizations: and, of course,

Examples of this can be seen for the effects of immigration on black American job seekers, the arrest statistics connected with illegal immigrants, and the “destruction” of the American middle class thanks to an increase in illegal immigration, among others.

Trump also has a nasty tendency to make verbal attacks towards his opponents. One of the more recent examples stems from the Second Republican Debate, where much of the time on air was spent on the other candidates attempting to knock the businessman down a peg or two. One such interaction occurred between Kentucky Senator, Rand Paul, and Mr. Trump:

“[Trump’s] visceral response to attack people on their appearance: short, fat, tall, ugly…Are we not way above that?”

Trump’s response, in typical Trump fashion, was, “I never attacked [Rand Paul] on his look, and believe me, there’s plenty of subject matter right there.”

This, added on top of the impressively long list of past insults against those that Trump dislikes, only adds fuel to the fire that is the mainstream media. Almost every news outlet in the country is covering anything and everything that comes out of this man’s mouth, and he must be loving the attention.

After all, according to, the average spread of all polling nationwide holds Trump at a positive 10.5 lead against his fellow Republicans. Every instant that Trump’s shenanigans are being broadcast instead of actual pressing matters in the United States, he gains publicity, and by extension, a larger audience that may consider voting for him.

This is the crux of the issue. In a very short amount of time, Donald Trump has become the living embodiment of almost everything that can go wrong in a presidential race. He has the money to keep himself in the race no matter what happens. He has the blind following necessary to make a distinct impact on the overall outcome of the race by pulling votes away from the Republican Party. He has the racial and sexual bias to be able to earn the vote of more radical Americans, while simultaneously netting him free publicity due to his controversy.

And the media is letting this all happen.

Unfortunately, there is not much that any of these candidates can do about it. Almost all past efforts have only caused them to have to stoop down to Trump’s level, which only makes two fools instead of one. Even if they are successful is shutting Trump down, he will still make headlines for getting shut down. His name will still be bombarding every American household with a television set, while the rest of the world watches while munching on popcorn. Either way, Trump wins.

Now, I am not saying that Donald Trump has the perfect setup to become our nation’s next president. In fact, I highly doubt he will even come close to doing so. His following is not large enough to win him an election if he is going one-on-one with a Democrat, and, if he runs as an independent, he will have an even lower amount of votes to work with.

However, despite saying outright terrible things about others and having largely negative news coverage about him, Trump still leads the Republican Party with flying colors. He is able to say what he wants to say without worrying about the consequences since he has the economic cushion to do so.

Trump is a man who forms his own truths about the world around him, and does not deal well with any conflicting, realistic viewpoints. Unfortunately, his campaign has become a safe haven for all American’s seeking a cleaner, whiter world, and, as long as the news continues to stream coverage for everything he does wrong, it only gives these people a stronger voice.

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