I’ve been creating handmade masks and donating them for others. (Image courtesy of Doyoon Kim)
Cleveland Charter High School

Opinion: How to lend a helping hand during COVID-19

Although our days seem like they are converging for many of us who are cooped up in our homes, there are many people who are currently working to combat COVID-19 and its widespread impact on families around the world. 

LAUSD has been providing free meals to their students at various school locations to combat poverty and the increasing number of families impacted by COVID-19, according to the LA Times.

Hospitals and medical workers are also working around the clock to support patients infected with the virus during these daunting times. Others are donating relief funds and essential items.

And it’s not only adults, but students are also pitching in to help those most in need. Six Feet Supplies, a high school student organization is currently working on providing a grocery delivery system for hundreds of homes in California. With this being said, how can we help?

Volunteering opportunities seem to difficult to find, but they are everywhere. For anyone who is looking for volunteering opportunities, there are websites including VolunteerCrowd and JustServe that provide hundreds of volunteering opportunities to people of all ages. The jobs can vary from working as a food distributor for families to reading storybooks online for other children to tutoring students online.

The most important aspect of any form of volunteering is outreach. Feel free to give a call to meet with the head or manager of an organization and discuss how you can help. They will most likely be in need of volunteers. 

It really is that easy; anyone can give a helping hand. I will use myself as an example.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been donating handmade masks I’ve created using a sewing machine and donating them to a local youth center. The process of making masks has been good fun, and very rewarding knowing my masks are being distributed to those who need them in underprivileged areas. Many hospitals, senior centers and working areas are also accepting masks for their workers.

Food distribution centers who are handing out thousands of meals to families can also use volunteers. As a member of my community, I’ve also been volunteering to distribute food and groceries to families who are in financial hardship from the pandemic. 

During these times of hardship and great difficulty, it is important for us to help others in as many ways as we can. Don’t be scared to reach out to others.