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Opinion: The power of music

Music — it has the power to transform people’s lives. Whether it’s a classical piece by Mozart or the newest Ariana Grande single, music has impacted each and every one of us. For some, it can provide an escape to another world where their current situation and possible problems may be forgotten. For others, it may serve as a way to express themselves and their feelings.

Listening to or making music is a great way for an individual to evoke various feelings and emotions within themselves. Maybe singing the latest rap song helps release built up anger or maybe crying to songs like Christina Perri’s “Human” helps relieve sadness. Despite the genre, music can relate to so many people and evoke many thoughts and emotions.

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In 2019, there are so many ways to find, access, and create music. Apps such as Shazam and SoundHound allow one to use their phone to identify a song and the artist. Music streaming platforms like Spotify and Pandora allow users to create their own music playlists and have all their favorite tunes grouped together.

For these streaming platforms, users have the option of using the free or premium (payment based) version. In addition, those who like to create music can publish their work on websites such as SoundCloud and even YouTube, where others can hear their music.    

On a more personal note, I’ve always loved music and cannot see my life without it. As a child, I’ve always preferred pop songs or the latest Disney and Nickelodeon soundtrack. Now, I simply pick and choose various songs of different genres that I like. I find music to be so important in my life. I listen to it while I walk, study, do the dishes, and even right before I go to bed. For me, music can brighten my mood or provide something I can relate to during tougher times. I simply can’t go a day without it.