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Review: NBC’s ‘New Amsterdam’

As an adolescent, I am always looking for a good show or movie to watch in my free time. When coming across NBC’s new show, “New Amsterdam,” I was intrigued. After the first seven episodes I have watched, I have come to form several opinions. What follows includes many spoilers.m

“New Amsterdam” is a medical drama series. New Amsterdam is the name of the hospital in which the show takes place. The main character in the show is Dr. Max Goodwin, played by Ryan Eggold. In the first episode, Goodwin strives to alter the policies of the hospital. His goal is to provide care for individuals that can actually help and benefit them.

In addition, he wants to remind his fellow doctors that helping others should be their first priority, rather than earning an income. The hospital tackles health issues ranging from Ebola, cancer, and even mental disorders. However, despite Goodwin’s passion to help others, he faces problems of his own, including his wife’s pregnancy and his own cancer of the throat.

After watching the first episode of “New Amsterdam,” I was intrigued by how the show is based off doctors helping others and being passionate about helping others, rather than being focused on money. I thought this was an interesting aspect to incorporate into a television show because I feel like many people in today’s society act based solely on the income and profits they can earn, rather than acting from the heart and their passions.

Likewise, “New Amsterdam” episodes include real-life issues viewers can relate to and that are happening in today’s society. Such issues include romantic relationships and the foster care system. In addition, “New Amsterdam” has focused on police brutality, homelessness and the difficulties that come with it, and undocumented immigrants.

Although some may argue that “New Amsterdam” is a knockoff of other medical drama series like “Grey’s Anatomy,” I still find it interesting that the show can connect to real life issues and its viewers. Since I do not have medical experience, I cannot say how realistic the acting is compared to actual doctors. While sometimes I find the show may be overdramatic or the acting may seem a bit unrealistic, I continue to watch the show because I enjoy watching people feel passionate about helping other people and the show is entertaining enough for my liking when I have leisure time.

If you have the free time, I would recommend watching or checking out “New Amsterdam,” but I definitely think this show is not for everyone. “New Amsterdam” airs every Tuesday night on NBC at 10/9c.