Looks from the scaled-down spring 2021 Moschino collection presented on marionettes in a short film presented on Sept. 26 during Milan Fashion Week. (Moschino by Marco Ovando)
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Review: The Moschino spring-summer 2021 fashion show

As the world faces unpredictable fluctuations in COVID-19 cases, the fashion community apprehensively watches the Spring-Summer 2021 fashion month play out. 

During Milan Fashion Week, Moschino Creative Director Jeremy Scott along with Jim Henson’s Creature Shop presented the Moschino 2021 Spring-Summer line from another dimension through the use of marionettes. In his interview with Vogue, Scott explains that with each show his goal is to “create a whimsical environment and transport us out of whatever is going on that day.”

Miniature figures wearing intricately designed replicas of the collection walk down a pure white hall decorated with minimalistic gold embellishments. From tulle ruffles to beaded embroidery, puff sleeves to corsets with feathers accents each design aspect was scaled down to fit the mini stage in this marionette dreamland. 

“Models” backstage in front of a miniature scale show board (Image courtesy of Moschino)

Representation was also present in the Moschino marionette fashion show. Diversity was expressed as “models” of varying ethnicities and skin tones were represented even on the miniature runway. From their hair style to facial features, each “model” has their own unique characteristics, promoting inclusivity in the fashion industry even through the use of marionettes. 

The thirty-inch figures glide down the catwalk as they are guided by pulled strings, presenting the designs to an “audience” of about 14 members. In the front row are fashion’s most iconic influencers including Vanessa Friedman from the New York Times with her journal and Anna Wintour from American Vogue easily identifiable with her signature sunglasses.

Each of the 14 “audience” members were created and dressed to accurately represent people of importance in the fashion industry. From the miniature clothing to representation on the runway and the humanistic movement of the dolls, the attention to detail in the Moschino Spring-Summer 2021 Fashion Show were extraordinary.

Throughout the “big-four” fashion week, New York and London have seen a majority of virtual shows while Milan and Paris have seen a combination of both distance and in-person presentations. As each designer picks their brain, trying to find ways to stage their collections while accommodating to COVID-19 safety guidelines, the world had yet to see a show with puppets on strings.

The fashion industry, artists and performers alike have struggled to find ways to express their creative works as the world is under lockdown from the disastrous global pandemic, however with each step and head turn Jeremy Scott and Moschino were able to bring life through the inanimate. Scott brought us into another world, enchanting us with marionettes on the catwalk. 

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has hindered many people from pursuing their interests and forms of expression, it has also encouraged creativity by pushing us to find new ways to connect with others as the show must go on. 

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