(Image courtesy of Cleveland Charter High School's Writer's Block magazine and club)
Cleveland Charter High School

Writer’s Block gives a voice to Cleveland students

Write. Speak. Movement. Voice. Art. These motions are alive at the very heart of Cleveland High School, in F5, at the Writer’s Block magazine and club.

Within this club, is an outlet where students are able to work on their writing, vent and explore the freedom of expression. The magazine is a separate entity that gives CHS students the opportunity to be published and get feedback on their writing, their art, and ultimately have exposure.

For each semester, one magazine is printed, allowing students to purchase their own works for $5, and view the words, thoughts, and movements that occur across Cleveland’s demographic.

It all started six years ago, with five to six poems, a eager English student and a great graffiti artist named Bunker. The founding members and Laurie Kurnick, the advisor, aspired for the magazine to be an elegant publication that students would be proud to have worked on.

Laurie Kurnick, the Writer’s Block Magazine advisor explains that the magazine was to “let the shy speak” and have a emotional outlet to share deeper thoughts. She further regaled that in this climate and time it is of utmost importance to allow students to make sure they feel heard and understood.

The club and magazine is open to all people, and contrary to common opinion, this environment is for anyone who wants to write — it is open to beginners, journalists, musicians, students, athletes, etc.

“The existence of Writer’s Block on Cleveland’s campus is a testament to the immense creativity that Cleveland students have,” said Preana Ahmed, the Co-President of the Writer’s Block club.

The magazine itself is funded by a Fedco grant, generous donors, and Cafe Night and covers poems about important topics like gender sexuality, societal norms and other mediums of writing and art: short stories, graffiti, sketches, photography, paintings, etc. Using this year’s fund, the Writer’s Block team plans to bring back old writings and place them with the new. Take a moment, read a poem, and check out Writer’s Block!

“Perfect Love” by Maya Williams (Poem in The Writer’s Block Magazine)

Some say love is growth,

If I loved you, I’d want to see you grow.

But what if I want you to grow into the mold that I created,

Fit in the perfect little box I built for you,

Tuck you in that finely shaped slot.

I’ll bend you to fit into my life,

Break you till your heart is shaped just right.

I’ll love you into a perfect existence,

And let you grow in the little box I built for you.