Joe Biden is sworn in as president on Jan. 20, 2021. (Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times)


Opinion: Why President Biden should replace Kamala Harris with Andy Beshear

President Biden is lagging in the polls, but a major shakeup might be the trick to win him the election.
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Neil Shah

November 2, 2023

As President Biden’s term progresses, and his approval rating remains low, it’s clear that the Biden 2024 campaign will need a shakeup if they want to win the 2024 election. As Kamala Harris’ approval rating is the lowest of the past five vice presidents, it might be time for President Biden to consider a new VP candidate. An underrated, but exceptional governor and politician, the Biden campaign should consider replacing Kamala Harris with Kentucky governor, Democrat Andy Beshear.

President Biden ran on a platform of unity and a commitment to bringing Americans from all backgrounds together. Governor Beshear, a Democrat from a traditionally red state, can bring a fresh perspective to the administration. His success in Kentucky, a state that voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump in 2020, demonstrates his ability to bridge political divides and work across the aisle.

In the GOP heavy state, Beshear’s approval ratings sits a staggering 64%. By selecting Governor Beshear as his Vice President, Biden can send a strong message of inclusivity and cooperation within the party. Beshear’s moderate and pragmatic approach could help bridge the gap between the progressive and moderate wings of the Democratic Party.

Andy Beshear’s leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic in Kentucky has received widespread praise. He took swift and science-based action to protect the health and safety of his constituents, earning the trust of many. In these challenging times, having a leader with a proven track record in crisis management is invaluable.

President Biden’s administration has made healthcare a top priority. Governor Beshear has been a vocal advocate for expanding access to healthcare, particularly through the Medicaid expansion in Kentucky. His expertise in this area aligns with the administration’s goals of strengthening the Affordable Care Act and ensuring healthcare access for all Americans.

Finally, as a bridge to rural America, Andy Beshear’s experience as the governor of a largely rural state positions him well to connect with and address the concerns of rural communities. His focus on economic development, education, and agriculture in a red state could attract a voter base that has been lost to Democrats in recent years.

The decision to replace a vice president is incredibly rare and could signal struggles. However, it is essential for President Biden to assess whether a change in leadership could better serve the interests of the nation, and for his 2024 campaign. Governor Andy Beshear’s proven leadership, ability to unite, and focus on key policy areas make him a compelling choice for the role of Vice President. While such a decision should be made carefully and with due consideration, it is a move that could strengthen the Biden administration and America for the future.