Gerardo Hernandez is a graduate of Elizabeth Learning Center and will attend Humboldt State University in the fall. (Photo provided by Gerardo Hernandez)
Collegiate Charter High School of Los Angeles

Gerardo Hernandez aims to uplift his community through politics and journalism

At nine years old, Gerardo Hernandez was introduced to the world of politics. Since then, driven by an unrelenting desire to help his community, Hernandez has doubled down on his political aspirations.

As he begins his college journey at Humboldt State University this fall, Hernandez hopes to use the practice of journalism to learn more about the world, its people and what he can do to help.

“I was interested in the political process,” Hernandez said. “I’ve been involved whatever way I can with social media, through internal groups.”

In his junior year of high school at Elizabeth Learning Center, Hernandez became involved in his school newspaper, The Bulldog Print. As a writer and student staff reporter for its news section, Hernandez worked diligently to produce content, researching, reporting and even interviewed Spike Cohen, vice presidential nominee for a Libertarian third party.

“He’s always willing to get that info out there … and be the most credible journalist,” Amy Lopez, a long-time friend of Hernandez said.

Lopez has been involved with Hernandez through the high school’s newspaper and debate teams.

Hernandez said his interest in politics shaped him into the journalist he is today. He would report on the news, debates, and other newsworthy topics within the political spectrum. When Hernandez shared more about his personal political beliefs, he spoke about his disapproval of the American two-party system.

Gerardo Hernandez poses for a photo with his dog Blue at his home in East L.A. (Photo by Diego Camacho)

“Now I am an independent person, where I don’t align with any political party,” he said.

To Hernandez, good politics will always emphasize the benefit of the community over the traditions of a party. His professional aspiration is to become an elected politician someday and work to benefit low-income communities.

“I want people to look back at my legacy, whatever that may be, and see that I was a person who cared about the community,” he said.

For now, Hernandez will utilize his internship opportunity to develop his skills, expand his knowledge and gain experience within the journalism field. He hopes to practice on multimedia platforms, and experience first-hand what it takes to be a journalist.

By taking on the internship, Hernandez will flesh out his resume and become a stronger candidate for the jobs he hopes to take in the future.