Diego Camacho, a junior at Collegiate Charter High School of Los Angeles, has a message for the next U.S. president. (Photo courtesy of Diego Camacho)
Collegiate Charter High School of Los Angeles

Message to my next president: Democracy, the world and the United States

Dear future president,

As we enter the second decade of the twenty-first century, a major crisis plays out on the world stage. The very system which America was built upon — the system that offers the greatest of political liberties to its citizens — is in jeopardy. Worldwide, democracy is in turmoil.

At this very moment exists a great clamor for democratic reform. From the post-soviet city blocks of Belarus, the wet streets of Thailand, to the urban sprawl of Hong Kong city, populations have stood before their governments with a demand. A tremendous desire for freedom and liberty, from the deepest recesses of the public, has compelled millions of young activists to stand for themselves and their country in the name of freedom. 

These great movements are strong; fueled by an unmistakable desire to create a future without the tyranny of the past. Yet, they do not stand unchallenged. Those who wish to see democracy fade and their tight grip on power held, will do everything to curb these political activists.

Here, America stands at a crossroads to the future of politics worldwide. Do we support these movements for democracy, or turn a blind eye to our freedom-loving brothers overseas and bite our lips on the consequences thereof?

Do we as a nation built on the excellence of democracy as a political system not have the responsibility to address those who seek it?

Do we not have the morals to bring global attention towards those issues that threaten the most basic human dignity of freedom? 

Mr. President, I know that you take into consideration many issues as you begin the next four years of your presidential term. For all the democracy-loving people of the world, we hope that you take this specific issue by its horns and address it directly. Speak openly of your support for these movements and let the world know that America backs democracy worldwide, for in the 21st century, the world will not accept tyranny.


Best wishes,

Diego Camacho

Collegiate Charter High School of Los Angeles

East Los Angeles, CA