Corona del Mar High School

8 tips for waking up early in the morning

Getting out of bed for school is every student’s daily struggle. Having to peel their eyes open between 5-6AM makes them feel groggy, uneager to learn and start the day. Alarm clocks are rendered ineffective when all students can just press snooze over and over again. Here are a couple of tips to drag you out of the bed and make you feel sprite.

1. Walk to stop the ringing. With alarm clocks, what you want to do is place it far away from you. Whether it’d be in the room next to you or in the corner of the room, it will force you get out of bed to turn it off. Otherwise, you will have to listen to the incessant ringing.

2. Drink water! It is preferable because overnight, you become dehydrated, so the best way to replenish the lost fluids is to gulp down water the first thing when you wake up. At the same time, you will become more alert and better to not snooze off again.

3. Sleep with the curtains open. Getting exposed to light will signal your body that daytime is about start. Many students wake up before the sun rises, so another way to wake up is using a bioluminescent clock, which is like an alarm clock, but instead will gradually become brighter to wake you up.

4. Wash your face! My personal favorite and daily morning routine. Splash cold or warm water on to your face and apply some soap or facial cleanser. The act of splashing water that is a different temperature than your skin will slap you out of your sleep state. Not only are you waking yourself, but you are also starting a day with clean, pure face!

5. Have some hot drinks! This one is certainly not new, but it is a helpful tip. The warm aromatics of tea, hot chocolate, or coffee will wake the shut-eyed brain. Sugar and caffeine will stimulate blood flow to the brain; therefore, energizing you! NOTE: Do not drink more than four cups of coffee a day as it will cause restlessness, irritability, and muscle tremors, according to the Mayo Clinic.

6. Eat breakfast! Something that students unwillingly do is skip breakfast. You need calories to be energized, and by not eating anything, there is no fuel to power the rest of your body. Therefore, you will be tired for the rest of the day. If you are in a rush, grab something to eat in the car, bus ride, or walk to school. Nutrient-rich foods to bring include fruits (bananas and oranges), yogurt, nuts, trail mix, and a small bag of cereal. You can also buy breakfast at the school’s cafeteria. EATING SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING! :)

7. Start the day on a psychological level. Everyday is full of surprises, and if you think positively, you will be cheery to wake up and explore life’s new adventures.

8. Pull off the blanket! If all else fails, have a friend or relative stomp into your room and strip the covers from you. Have them also repeatedly yell at you until you rub your eyes open.

If you find yourself getting less than seven hours of sleep, go to bed early! You won’t wake up refreshed, and if you lose one night of sleep, brain functions are impaired for four days! Sweet dreams and good luck!