Corona del Mar High School

At Your Service — a new club at Corona del Mar High School

An innovative community service group is joining the family of leadership clubs on campus. The name states its intentions clearly– “At Your Service” (AYS). AYS’ mission is to expand on community service opportunities for Corona del Mar (CdM) students.

The 50 students who were appointed to be on the club were selected from around 125 people through a tryout process. Participants had to fill out an application and complete a group interview before being elected by this year’s board members.

Connecting with businesses and organizations in the Orange County area, club members contact organizations and businesses to see if they need assistance from CdM students. Then, AYS will share the internship or service opportunities with the entire student body.

Ariana Kermani, club president and a senior at CdM, created this club to showcase opportunities around the area.

“I came up with the idea for ‘At Your Service’ because I noticed that CdM wasn’t taking advantage of all of the opportunities that our community has to offer,” she said.

With this new club on campus, students will have better access to more community service opportunities that they might not have been able to take advantage of if AYS did not provide the information.

“I also thought it would be beneficial for CdM to build stronger connections with more members of the community so that our school is portrayed in a more positive light,” added Kermani.

Another goal of AYS is to impact the community around us.

“The community members, in turn, will receive more support and participation from CdM students with their events,” said Kermani.

Students will not be the only group to benefit from this new club. Organizations will have greater access to volunteers for help, and students can volunteer for anything. These volunteering opportunities include one-hour events to as large as an entire internship.

Students will have an even wider range of businesses and non-profits to choose from when deciding where they want to volunteer.

“We will be networking with all types of businesses and organizations throughout the community, focusing on the ones that students are most interested in,” Kermani said.

With AYS doing the networking for CdM students, it’s as simple as choosing what they want to do.

“My wish is that the community is aware of the good that CdM is doing for the community, and I hope that AYS continues to be a part of that,” said Lauren Kobayashi, AYS’ co-vice president and a senior at CdM.

AYS will expand relationships between the community and CdM, which will be beneficial to everyone.

“AYS is essentially a networking service where we bridge the gap between CdM and the nonprofit resources and organizations and businesses around the community. AYS will connect students with various community service and internship opportunities, something that is essential for students to have as a foundation for a successful future,” said Kobayashi.

With all of the work essentially done by AYS club members, students have a wide range of options to choose from, and they won’t have to do as much work to find where they want to volunteer. Students can volunteer at virtually any type of organization or business to further their knowledge of a certain field. Alternatively, they can volunteer at a place in which they can have fun and help others.

AYS will make an appearance at many different times throughout the school year. The board and the club members will be working on planning exciting and informative events for all students.

Kobayashi sees a bright future for the club.

“I see AYS as a resource that the entire student body is aware of and actively participating with,” she said.

AYS will shine some positive light on the CdM campus.

The board members of AYS pose for a picture. Left to right: Arthur Pescan, Lauren Kobayashi, Ariana Kermani, Paige Nelson, Albert Szabo
The board members of AYS pose for a picture. Left to right: Arthur Pescan, Lauren Kobayashi, Ariana Kermani, Paige Nelson, Albert Szabo