Breaking boundaries for Asian artists

South Korean pop sensation, BTS, invaded the Billboard Music Awards scene with their mesmerizing looks and eye-catching outfits on Sunday night at the T-Mobile Arena.

The Billboard Music Awards is one of America’s biggest annual music awards. The biggest names in the American music industry bring stunning performances and memories to fans. BTS’ booming popularity allowed them to work themselves up to top spots of Billboards’ albums and Social Artist Charts.

Being the first ever Korean pop act to be nominated for a Billboard Music Award was shocking to both BTS and their fans. Fans took to Twitter to share their happiness and excitement of BTS’ nominations and loyal fans voted every day before the show. For the first time in the history of the Billboard Music Awards, one of Korea’s most famous bands were able to showcase their charms and passion for their fans on national television.

Being nominated for a Billboard Music Award alongside other big names in the American music industry seemed surreal to BTS. The Billboard Music Awards attracts thousands of viewers annually throughout the entire United States, especially those who are looking for some of the best performances of the year. Not only does it attract those who are interested in the performances, but it also attracts viewers who would like to support some of their favorite artists.

At this year’s BBMAs, BTS’ fans who are known as A.R.M.Y. provided BTS with an overwhelming amount of support. From a group that originated from a small entertainment company in South Korea to a worldwide pop sensation that would stand alongside some of music’s biggest names, being invited was truly a memorable moment.

Upon arrival in the United States at McCaran International Airport in Las Vegas, paparazzi and reporters from several news outlets gathered around BTS’ landing terminal for photos and interviews of the boys. Weeks before the BBMAs, Billboard hyped up the arrival of BTS to fans through various social media outlets. This further encouraged fans to keep voting for their favorite group.

As a group with a fanbase of over five million people, BTS was able to receive over 300 million votes. This would allow them to take the award for Top Social Artist home on Sunday. Fans were given the opportunity since the beginning of May to vote through various means such as Twitter and the official website of the Billboard Music Awards. Thanks to BTS’ fans, BTS were able to receive over 200 million more votes than some of America’s most famous pop sensations like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes.

From the moment the boys arrived on Billboard’s Magenta Carpet at the T-Mobile Arena, loud screams could be heard from both the fans who had been waiting all day to see them and the paparazzi. Fan websites flew from South Korea to take pictures of the boys on the magenta carpet. Other fans waited on the outside of the magenta carpet all day for the boys to arrive at the venue. Some fans who were waiting outside were also lucky enough to score some tickets to the awards ceremony from the Billboard staff members who came outside frequently.

As soon as BTS stepped into the venue and seated themselves before Nicki Minaj’s performance that opened the show, chants like “BTS! BTS! BTS!” and more were heard from fans that touched each one of the members’ hearts.

At approximately 40 minutes past six o’clock, the moment that all of BTS’ fans and BTS themselves were waiting for arrived. YouTube star Logan Paul and violinist Lindsey Sterling in collaboration with ION360 took to the stage to present this year’s Top Social Artist award. The nominees included Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, and BTS. BTS won and were deemed the first K-pop artist in history to be nominated for and win a Billboard Music Award.

As soon as the boys won and received their award, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram blew up with the news of the first K-pop group to make history. News outlets in South Korea also stopped their broadcasts to announce that BTS just made history across the world. It has allowed for Korean pop music to be recognized by those in the Western Hemisphere.

BTS’ winning of a Billboard Music Award has paved the way for future Asian artists who hope to make it big in the American industry.

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