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Corona del Mar High School

CdM’s Positivity Project

Recently, the Trident Magazine program at Corona del Mar High School released a new and unique issue called “the Positivity Project.” Many students in the class participated in writing wonderful articles on inspiring topics that should be brought to the surface.

This magazine incorporates very many typical stereotypes of high school, tips on how to avoid the stress, be kind to others and know that one always has someone to speak to. The writers and editors of the article got a great amount of positive feedback and compliments.

The Positivity Project tackles important factors of school and home life that play into part with one’s mental health. It is surely a touchy subject, but it was managed to be executed in a professional manner that allows one to become more educated on the topic.

Several teachers were featured in the magazine and explained how they help their students to succeed and their favorite parts of being a high school teacher. Students were also featured, and spoke of how their teachers kindly offer help and encouragement to them in terms of school and life in general.

This project was taken on by the Trident Magazine staff and editors, the goal was wholesome and to educate our fellow peers about important issues of life and mental health. The message was successfully transcended, and appreciated by many.