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Commentary: Phones and social media of the new generation

Throughout the past couple decades, technology has changed dramatically. Phones and social media have changed from being used very little to a day-to-day activity. Everywhere one looks, people are on some sort of electronic device. Because many millennials spend hours on these devices, they do not know how to interact with others face-to-face. Instead, they look down on their phones and text.

On Jan. 9, 2007, the first Apple iPhone, known as the 2G was invented. Before the iPhone, Apple came out with a first generation iPod Touch. Every year since then Apple has invented a brand new iPhone.

Although there have not been major changes, somehow the company manages to keep making the phones a little bit bigger each time. The company also attempts to enhance the camera on the new phones that come out annually.

Apple has produced regular iPhones like the 6, but they also have managed to make a 6s, which increased their costumers. Now, there are multiple different brands of phones out there.

In order to compete with Apple, Samsung manufactures many phones. Around 1985, Samsung came out with its very first basic phone, and in June 2009, it came out with its very first Samsung Galaxy. This model helped Samsung make a debut into the Android smartphone market. According to Android Headlines, Samsung sold more phones than Apple did in 2016.

“I think the future of technology is going to be interesting because little kids are so used to technology today, they cannot get off their phones,” said freshman Gabby Montgomery.

Even millennials are aware of their electronic addiction.

“Technology is very helpful when it comes to studying and learning, but at times it is very distracting,” said Montgomery.

Many kids become caught up in technology when studying for long periods of time, and they cannot control themselves enough to put down their phones even for a short amount of time.

Some people do not like technology because of all the social media apps and games, but others disagree and think technology will allow people to expand their horizons and think outside the box.

“Nobody knows for sure what the future of technology looks like, but it will be one that enables ordinary people to do extraordinary things,” said freshman Marbella Marlo.

Most children do not just own one electronic. Many have iPad Minis, larger iPads, and some sort of computer.

“I have a MacBook Air and I constantly use it to do school work, watch Netflix, and FaceTime friends,” said Montgomery.

Many people have different views on technology and so do the kids today.

“I think technology is an amazing thing because it allows people from all over the world to communicate and share their experiences and ideas with one another,” said Marlo.

Many think cell phone technology is one of the best things ever invented, but many millennials are concerned about their future jobs. They are afraid of their job being taken over by robots. A couple of young teens worry about communication, not for just themselves, but for younger kids.

Overall, phones and social media have changed the world as a whole. It changed the way people view the world, and the way people communicate. It has also transformed the way kids in school learn and are taught.

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