Corona del Mar High School

Corona del Mar’s production of ‘A Christmas Carol’

Charles Dickens’ tale of goodwill and redemption would last throughout the centuries and continually reappear in pop culture and now it has arrived at Corona del Mar (CdM).

Corona del Mar Drama put on their own version of the holiday classic with amazing and talented cast members.

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“We aren’t necessarily changing the story at all, but I think what makes our production a little different from others is we’re coming at it from a very high production quality,” said senior Blake Wiese.

This was the first play that Mrs. Jecmen produced as a faculty member here at CdM.

“I have never had a December time slot and since I had that I thought it was a perfect opportunity to do a holiday show, and that is why ‘A Christmas Carol’ came to mind,” said Mrs. Jecmen. “We are doing a smaller musical, and so ‘A Christmas Carol’ allows a lot more roles and we have a lot of talented actors on our campus.”

“I hope the audience takes away a good vibe from this production and I hope they see our take on the show,” said freshman Tori Gyselaar.

“I think that ‘A Christmas Carol’ sends out a really good message because it’s about giving and being with family and friends, and being a kind human because what you give is what you get,” Jecmen continued.

Furthermore, Grace Shackelford, “hopes that people feel enlightened after the show and they see the true talent that all of the actors have in the department.”

The cast rehearsed four days a week and on occasional weekends. Wiese played, Scrooge. He spent countless hours to make the best Scrooge that there has ever been.

“To approach Scrooge I am trying to find a way to make such a mean-spirited character sympathetic because I think that playing Scrooge as a very two-dimensional angry person is a flawed approach. The audience needs to believe it when he makes his ultimate transition into goodness, so right now I am trying to play it more like he had happiness in his life so it’s much more sad than it is angry,” said Wiese.

Wiese worked many days of the week so that he could accomplish his role of playing the scrooge.

“We are very excited to put on this holiday classic,” said Gyselaar.

“We all have been looking forward to this play. I think it is going to be amazing,” said freshman Phoebe Alva.

“For this play, we are trying very hard to make the best play possible,” said freshmen Sierra Stoliar. “We are also trying to make it seem very professional.”

“I am looking forward to the feeling of Christmas spirit and sharing the joy of Christmas with everyone,” said Wiese.

Others like Shackelford looked forward to making new friends. This is a new type of play that she had never done. She had never done a dramatic play and she explains, “I am excited to see what comes together from this and how other actors like it as well.”

CdM Drama opened their season with a timeless classic that put audiences in a holiday mood.