Corona del Mar High School

Little kids, big school: Corona del Mar High School’s freshmen

A countless number of little things are appreciated at Corona del Mar High School (CdM). In high school, one of the little things is the freshman class. From a middle school filled with other little kids, freshmen are introduced to the whole new world of high school.

Because middle school is so different in comparison to high school, the transition can be a great change for many of the eighth graders. High school seems scary to many freshmen because of the upperclassmen and in CdM’s case— not having any classes in the Enclave anymore. The freshmen are once again the youngest and smallest of the entire school.

How can we help the freshmen feel more welcome and comfortable in high school? Freshmen are typically afraid of the upperclassmen, who either appear mean or terrifying in height. However, behind this stereotype of upperclassmen, freshmen have been able to make friends with upperclassmen by joining clubs and teams, which is a very important part of high school that allows you to make new friends and discover new ideas.

By joining sports teams, freshmen are able to enjoy the sports they love and meet many new people.

“I’m glad that I joined Orchesis as a freshman. I feel like it has made high school so much better for me because it has helped me meet so many new people. I can always look to my fellow members who are always there for each other,” said freshman Chloe Liu.

For many freshmen, joining sports teams has made a huge impact on their high school life. It allows them to feel needed in a team and be comfortable while doing something they love.

“Being part of a sports team is such an important part of high school. In middle school, I was never really involved in sports. However, cross country has not only made me a better runner, but it has also allowed me to meet so many new people,” said freshman Phoebe Alva.

CdM offers far more than just sports. It also offers many other ways to get involved in clubs. Many clubs on campus promote inclusiveness and meeting new people, which is especially important for the freshmen.

“For me, PAL has helped me become more involved with my school and community. The welcoming arms of the people in PAL made me feel like I was a part of something important. As a new student, it seemed really scary. However, on the day I first met all my PAL friends, whether they were fellow freshmen or upperclassmen, I’ve felt a lot better about high school,” freshman Alex Ianni said.

Community service is also a great way to be involved with the community and work with others.

“AYS has been a great way for me to more involved with the school and the community. I have been able to promote community service opportunities and the benefits of doing community service. It has made me more comfortable in high school because I have met so many new people,” freshman Michelle Won said.

As the school year continues, the freshmen are also gradually becoming more and more comfortable with entering high school. The upperclassmen that once seemed mean or terrifying are now considered as friends to many freshman. Making new friends and meeting new people no longer seemed like something difficult to do.

Although high school can be challenging, freshman have been able to build new relationships and become adjusted to the new environment.

“Being the youngest may seem bad at times. I no longer feel that way because I am constantly surrounded by friends who support me. The upperclassmen have been especially helpful whenever I need advice,” said freshman Kaitlyne Fallahi.

Freshmen can become more involved in high school, especially on a big campus like CdM.

The freshmen may be small, but they have a potential to become the well-rounded and amazing students that CdM constantly produces. It is these little things that we have come to appreciate that makes CdM so amazing every day.