Corona del Mar High School

Michael Dobyns: Teacher and mentor

“The fact that someone will actually pay me money to come plan rallies and spirit weeks, and events is pretty cool,” says Michael Dobyns.

In his four years at Corona del Mar [CdM] so far, Dobyns has made an impression on the school community.

Megan Fisk, a ninth grader, thinks that, “Mr. Dobyns is a really cool guy and he is always able to make me laugh. I love talking to him and he is a really good teacher.”

Tati Bruening, a 10th grader said, “He has a lot of energy and a lot of hair gel.”

Elliot Berger, a ninth grader, said, “Mr. Dobyns gives me the skill so need to be a leader and teaches me life lessons that I will utilize in my future.”

In Dobyns’ high school years, he was on ASB at Villa Park High School as the commissioner of publicity. He organized the assemblies and intercom announcements.

Dobyns’ first dream was to become a sport broadcaster for ESPN. When that did not work out, he next set his sights on being an advertiser for a sports team. When that career was not fulfilling, Dobyns continued to search for the perfect job. Through his search, he gained experience in coaching high school basketball and working at a college advertising. Dobyns also created a summer camp for children in Big Bear during the summers, which he continues to run today.

At this point, Dobyns still “didn’t really realize [he] could get paid to hang out with kids all day.” Lucky for the CdM community, Dobyns found his way to teaching where he brings an energetic and exciting approach.

One of the factors that made Dobyns want to pursue the career of teaching was his love for “making the school feel good” in his high school days. His grandfather, who worked as a teacher for the district and as an administrator, “worked his whole life dedicated to kids” and that lifestyle inspired Dobyns.

Mr. Dobyns says his favorite part about teaching is, “the influence, positive conversations you can have with students about relative topics, to see students start thinking critically to start making their own opinions and also when you see students changing the culture for the better, changing the community, allowing kids to kind of feel like school is a place they like coming every day, it’s really cool to see the looks on their faces when they do.”

He believes the most valuable lesson would be stay humble and thankful. Dobyns expressed his gratitude to the students of CdM for how intellectual they all are and for always keeping him on his toes.

Dobyns admitted one of his most embarrassing and funniest moments on his teaching career: His class was on the topic of Magellan and Galileo when the subject of the size of Venus and Earth was brought up.

“I was very insistent,” Dobyns remembered. “Because I know everything obviously.”

They called Mr. Tulley, an old teacher at CdM, in the middle of the class on speakerphone. Mr. Tulley told Mr. Dobyns that he was absolutely wrong. When all the student began to yell at Dobyns for being wrong, he simply hung up the phone and said, “none of you guys know what you’re talking about,” and then he continued with the lesson.

All of the students and staff members at CdM are very grateful to have Mr. Dobyns as a teacher. The positive energy he brings into the room encourages students to try their hardest. Thank you Mr. Dobyns for the hard work and dedication you put into the future of our school and students.