Corona del Mar High School

My message: Decrease the financial demands of higher education

Dear future president,

I am fully aware that being the president of the United States is a daunting task. It is a stressful job that has people from all over the country breathing down your neck, criticizing you, and demanding change. Some of these requests may be downright idiotic and ridiculous, but others may be reasonable and justified. To me, the most important of those justifiable changes is the high cost of education, specifically college tuition and other fees.

As a high school senior, the beginning of the school year has revolved around studying for standardized tests and applying for colleges, and that will continue to be the case for a while. Yes, it is frightening and stressful, but the crazy part is that I know this is not even the worst part. I know that I will eventually have to carry the burden of student debt during college and maybe beyond, all because college nowadays is too expensive for most middle and lower class families. I can only hope that you will address this overwhelming problem and find a way make college more affordable for everyone in the near future.


Xander Polny

Corona del Mar High School

Newport Beach, Calif.