Corona del Mar High School

My message: Give low income Americans the opportunity to travel

Dear future president,

I have a friend who had never seen snow. During our eighth grade trip to New York and Washington D.C., he saw snow for the first time in his life. The joy and wonder from seeing the white powder that coated the city made him feel a newfound sense of happiness.

I think bringing this feeling of discovery and cheer to people in the United States who do not have the resources to do so would be a great experience for all involved and benefit to our country as a whole. Experiencing new things and places gives people a rush of exhilaration and wonder. I want everyone to have the chance to feel that way, especially those who do not have the opportunity to travel because of financial struggles. Travel educates people and gives them memories that will never be forgotten. Please help me give this opportunity to others.


Riley Foster

Corona del Mar High School

Newport Beach, Calif.