Corona del Mar High School

My message: Promote gender equality in the workplace

Dear future president,

As a young woman aspiring to become a doctor, I often find myself thinking about the position that society will take on the role of women in certain workplaces. I am conscious of how women are treated as inferior to men in working environments, such as hospitals.

To this day, people still believe that men are smarter and more capable than women. However, women can do things just as well as men. Higher positions should not be limited to men, but instead to the person that is best fit for the job. No one should be judged or put down because of their gender.

The government should do more to require and encourage gender diversity in workplaces. Women should be able to pursue their dreams and be confident in who they are. One’s gender should not deter them or serve as a barrier that prevents them from achieving success. Women should be treated the same as men in the workplace.


Thuy Pham

Corona del Mar High School

Newport Beach, Calif.