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My message: Protect our roads from distracted drivers

Dear future president,

I turn 16 this week, and with this comes the age-old tradition of taking my driver’s test. I am giddy at the prospect of the freedom that goes along with a driver’s license, but with the increase of cell phone usage, I worry about being on the road with distracted drivers.

I could not tell you how many times I have stopped at a traffic light, only to see the driver next to me with their head slumped over, typing a furious text. Or worse, to see them typing a text or scrolling through Instagram, blatantly ignoring the steering wheel while going 50 miles per hour.

Being a new driver is scary enough without having to worry about the people around me not paying attention to the road. I ask that you help educate the American public about the dangers distracted driving poses on new and old drivers alike and that stricter rules on this issue will be enforced to protect our citizens on the road.


Kara Pauley

Corona del Mar High School

Newport Beach, Calif.

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