Corona del Mar High School

Review: Snow Monster is a great place for desserts

Do you ever find yourself having a random craving for sweets? Now there is a unique place that is open everyday from 11:00 a.m. to midnight that will more than satisfy your needs.

Snow Monster, located next to Blaze Pizza on the UCI campus, offers a wide variety of authentic, mouth-watering desserts. Their menu consists of three main items: shaved snow, macaroon ice-cream sandwiches, and sweet teas. Each item comes with a spoon that changes colors when they make contact with anything cold. There are eight unique flavors of ice cream and toppings that customers are sure to love.

“After ordering a vanilla macaroon ice cream sandwich with sprinkles for the first time, I knew I would be back,” said freshman Marci Morris.

For the ice cream sandwiches, they display many different choices of homemade macaroons, Belgian waffles, or normal cookies, so everyone can make their sandwich unique to their appetite.

Particularly for customers who are not fans of extra creamy treats, Snow Monster provides a choice of shaved snow. Shaved snow is very similar to shaved ice, but is less compact and tastes more like light, fluffy ice cream.

“Some people that have gone to Snow Monster the first time, weren’t that big of fans, but my first experience couldn’t have been better. I strongly suggest the coconut shaved snow topped with strawberries, mochi, and condensed milk,” said freshman Emily Freyman. “My only regret was not ordering a large.”

They provide two sizes, each with a perfect quantity of this frozen treat that come with either one or two flavors depending on size, with a choice of two toppings and either condensed milk, caramel, or chocolate sauce.

Snow Monster is especially known for their charming glass mason jars that come with a choice of multiple flavors of freshly brewed hot or cold tea with the option of boba. They also serve homemade strawberry lemonade.

“Last time I ordered a mason jar, I absolutely loved the tea but I didn’t even come close to finishing it,” said freshman Rachel Grove.

Although these cost two dollars more, customers are allowed to bring them back multiple times for a discounted price on any tea of their choice. Each jar is garnished with a black ribbon and their signature logo, a black and white monster.

What makes this confection place different from others is the delightful environment and the high quality desserts that their restaurant provides. “Eat dessert. Be a monster,” is their catch phrase displayed on one of their clean walls, along with their signature logo. The inner design is simple and spotless, a perfect welcoming hangout place for people of all ages.

Inside Snow Monster there are Jenga sets and cards for the pleasure of each customer. They advertise the minimal use of electronics, and want customers to simply converse and have deep discussions while consuming a delicious treat of their choice.

Although this engaging restaurant is always packed with people, their heavenly treats are definitely worth the wait, not to mention how low their prices are for the amount they give each customer.

Snow Monster is a dessert destination that everyone should at least try once. No other dessert place in Orange County matches the uniqueness of this cute, friendly gourmet-styled outlet.