This woman is using glasses for the blind. They are just one of the many types of glasses made to correct vision. Photo by
Corona del Mar High School

The Unlocking of Vision

Recent technological developments have finally provided a solution to the problem of blindness that does not involve surgery.

According to, there are 258 million legally blind people in the world, and multiple companies have come out with unique glasses to allow people suffering from various types of blindness to see in just a couple of seconds.

The eSight glasses are electronic glasses that have a high speed and high resolution camera in the middle of the frame that captures and collects everything a user looks at in real time. Even though the glasses are expensive, they allow people to see life from a different perspective. The glasses come with a remote control that allows the camera to zoom in.

Blind people that use this product can see their families for the first time, which has been documented in many heartwarming videos on Instagram and other social media platforms. For example, one time a blind man put on his glasses and his family was all standing there waiting for the big moment, and then his wife walked. Once he saw her he could help but release all of his tears. By the end of the video he had the biggest smile on his face.

Sophomore Ruby Sevigny said, “these glasses are great and I think they will allow people to contribute in society a way in which they were not able to before the technology was invented.”

The eSight glasses have helped countless people suffering from blindness to live close to ordinary lives.

Aira, another glasses company, has also managed to make life a little easier for the blind and the visually impaired. Aira uses smart glasses and their own employees’ voices to help navigate blind people. The workers can see what customers are seeing on a screen, and they use their voices to direct the people in those situations so that they can learn about their surroundings. When the customer needs help, all they have to do is call the Aira agent and listen to their instructions.

The glasses are a very different way to cure blind people than eSight glasses. There are also glasses made specifically for color blind people.

Color blind people cannot see color because their eyes have inherited faults in more than one of the three sets of color-sensing cones in the eye. Enchroma glasses opened up a world of color for people who see no color. The product enhances colors without the compromise of color accuracy and alleviates the red-green color.

According to, one in every 12 men and one in every 200 women have color blindness. The Enchroma glasses enable these people to see the world in color while still looking like regular glasses, with the only difference being their altered lenses.

Sophomore Kaylee Aguilar said, “these glasses could bring happiness into someone’s life even though everybody has not had an opportunity to try them out.”

A lot of people do not even realize that these glasses exist. These glasses can help the visually impaired to see again and it was all created by technology companies and some brilliant minds.

All of these unique types of glasses have helped correct the vision of countless visually impaired people around the world. Those that are partially or totally blind suffer tremendously throughout their lives, but by using these new glasses their lives can change and become more eye-opening.