Corona del Mar High School

Unsung Heroes: Custodial ninjas of Corona del Mar


Whether cleaning, repairing, or keeping the campus safe, the maintenance staff at Corona del Mar (CdM) assist students and teachers in every way. The hard work they do to make every day more comfortable and ensure everything functions properly often goes unnoticed by the community they serve.

Three security guards walk the campus to keep the students of CdM safe. The security staff arrive at CdM early to check the perimeters, to make sure nothing has been disturbed overnight, and that everything is safe for the students arrival. When the students settle into their morning classes, the security guards make sure the campus is secure.

Jose Olmedo, who has worked  at CdM for about four months, commented that his favorite part about working at CdM is the students.

He says, “My favorite part is to be part of their education and of the future that they hold.”

He is amazed when he thinks about how in five or ten years, these students will be the doctors, lawyers, attorneys, and the people of the future. He is pleased to say that he has created relationships with some of the students here and has learned more about their “goals, and their dreams, and the hobbies they do.”

Jose Olmedo, along with the rest of the security staff, wants the CdM students to know that he deeply cares about every student’s education, wants them to enjoy their four years in high school as much as possible, and “overall just make sure you stay safe.”

Along with the security guards, the maintenance staff of CdM makes major contributions to the care and keeping of CdM and its students. There are two groups of maintenance workers.  The day shift works during the school day and the night shift works from 2:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. on any afterschool events such as sports.

Ernesto Chavez,  known to many as Ernie, worked the day shift for his first 12 years. He is now the night shift’s lead custodian.


When Ernie worked the day shift, he used to be very well-known by all the students and created many relationships with the students. Ernie enjoys the happy and positive energy that makes him want to come to the school every day. He loves how everybody “is so nice and everybody is always so happy.” He encourages the students to always challenge themselves.

The maintenance does a lot for our campus to make it the way it is today. So if you see them around the school, let them know that you appreciate what they do. Let them know that we are very grateful for the security guards and maintenance staff who take part in our education by making sure everything runs smoothly. Thank them for the little things they do that add up to big things and make a difference.