Crescenta Valley High School

Ariel Rezazadeh, 17, tries to change the world with Innovation: Towards The Next Generation

Seventeen-year old, Ariel Rezazadeh, has put her passion and ideas toward solving global issues, with a special twist. Her project, Innovation: Towards The Next Generation, not only works toward generating innovative designs and solutions, but also involves experimentation and collaboration. On her continuous quest to spread the power of innovation, she traveled to Uganda to give presentations to students about science, creativity and innovation.

Rezazadeh describes her project as something that started small and grew with time, energy, and thought. “Its about visualizing and putting ideas down at first, then developing and advancing from there,” she says, “The power of innovation is everywhere, but the beauty lies in the ability to use it for the betterment of the world around us.”

In 2015, Rezazadeh put together a solar-powered atmospheric water generator with a solar kit to test out the process of accumulating drinking water from the atmosphere. With more work ahead, ITTNG is coming up with designs of solar water distillers to experiment with. ITTNG works with a variety of solutions, but has an emphasis on generating ideas that can improve education and health globally.

The ITTNG club at her high school already has over 200 members, using collaboration as a tool for success. In addition, Baylor University has formed a group for ITTNG, and is working on generating solutions to improve education globally. Learn more about the power of innovation and Ariel’s project at Spread the power of innovation in your community!