Crescenta Valley High School

Discover Day at USC

With a steady high of 84 and a “Welcome to USC” entitled folder in each students hand, the day was off to a great start! Hundreds of prospective Trojans swarming around Tommy Trojan as the marching band played the beat to “Uptown Funk”, originally performed by Bruno Mars, yet so eloquently covered by the Spirit of Troy. An admissions tent set up to the right of the mayhem and a financial aid booth to the left, providing as much crucial information as a probable student at USC may need.

Nov. 22 marked USC’s annual Discovery Day, a day dedicated to all students interested in the University with on campus tours, visits with current students and faculty, along with three evenly dispersed information sessions regarding the academic programs offered. With over 20 specified academic units, and more than 750 clubs, one would have thought that Discovery Day could have had the potential to be slightly overwhelming. However, due to the considerate planning ,along with the staff running the event, the day went extremely well.

Current students at USC acted as tour guides, effectively getting across basic information, and giving insights about life on campus based on personal experience. For my information session, I chose to sit in on the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy session. Throughout this session, the group of 15 attendees were introduced to the different degree programs offered within Price, some of which include a degree in Real Estate Management, Public Policy and Law, Health Policy and Management, etc. Presented with a panel of current students of USC Price, one of whom was junior Taara Prasad, the Q&A session went extremely well.

“Seeing so many young, motivated students as I was one day in the same position as them, is such an amazing feeling. I hope to give insight to them all and provide as much useful information as I can,” said Tara.

Also introduced throughout the session, Assistant Director to the Office of Recruitment and Admission Sarah Esquivel, provided the audience with her guidance on admission statistics. I asked Ms. Esquivel to give her greatest piece of advice to all applicants, and she responded, “Authentic. Be authentic in your personal statement to ensure the reader wont forget who you are. A key trait that is very important specific to USC Price would be passion. Be sure that you are passionate about your listed major and not just requesting it to higher your chances of getting into USC, because that is not how it works here.”

Personally, after spending an entire day on campus, my love for USC grew even greater – the students, staff, the campus itself! In all, Discovery Day at USC was a massive hit !