The picture above is the ballroom of The Legendary Park Plaza, Los Angeles where this years prom will be held. With a massive amount of space, the decoration opportunities are endless. The venue is a great choice made by the 2014-2015 CVHS ASB cabinet!
Crescenta Valley High School

Prom: DO’S and DON’T’S

It’s that time of year again! Flowers have sprung, allergies are back, and AP tests have begun to take over our social lives. With the school year slowly coming to an end, the last school dance is in the near future – PROM! This year, Crescenta Valley High School is hosting their 2015 Senior Prom at The Legendary Park Plaza, Los Angeles. From finding a date to prom, to figuring out the perfect outfit to wear for the magical night, prom can get quite overwhelming. Listed below are thoughts from students on campus on the do’s
and don’ts for prom!

“DO wear comfortable shoes. I really think that if you aren’t wearing shoes your comfortable in, you will dread the entire night. Girls especially! Your heels don’t have to be super high for it to be cute! Trust me, your feet will thank you later.” – Lara Khosrovian, junior

“I would definitely make sure to ask someone you would genuinely want to spend the night with. Don’t ask that one girl in your math class because all your friends think she’s hot, or just for the sake of going with someone. After all, it is your senior prom.” – Andrew Verdecia, senior

“Try to be super chivalrous the night of prom. Basically have your mother’s voice in the back of your head on repeat. Remember to open the door for your date, pull out the chair for her to sit, ask to take her coat, basically things like that. Oh! Definitely remind your date often that you’re having such a great time with them, and that you are glad you are spending the night with them.” -Kanta Urabe, junior

“DO NOT, I repeat do not over think things. Last year I went as a sophomore and I was so nervous. I was trembling so much, like I clearly remember almost poking my date with the boutonniere. If you start to over think things and worry about every little detail, neither you nor your date are going to have a good time. The best advice I could probably give to you is to be yourself and just have fun, because in all honesty it really isn’t that bad!” – Xia Velasco-Mayner, junior

“People usually think that activities after prom involve drinking or smoking. Do not feel pressured by anyone to do either, including your date! You are responsible for your own actions and are old enough to make a decision for yourself. Whatever it is that you decide to do after prom should satisfy you and not anyone else.” – Christine Kim, junior

“Try to avoid as much cellphone usage as possible. Definitely use cellphones for pictures and all, but try to stay off your phone to text or use social media. I know you probably think I know nothing about school dances because I’m only in tenth grade, but trust me, when your date is constantly on their phone, it gets really annoying and you kind of feel at fault for their ‘boredom’. Plus, you don’t want your phone dying because then you can’t take pictures.” -Alec Stepanian, sophomore

Wishing you all the best of luck this prom season !