Freshman plays his 2DS and anticipates the upcoming installments to Pokemon Sun and Moon. The Ultra enhancements allow for an expanded Pokeverse and more immersion for players such as this student.
Daniel Pearl Magnet High School

A new light shines in the Pokemon Alola region

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Venture into the far reaches of the Alola region as the Pokeverse expands with Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon for the Nintendo 3DS.

“Now, with Ultra Sun and Moon, there are more Ultra beasts and legendaries, more Pokemon and more adventures in the Alola region,” Daniel Pearl Magnet junior Thomas Short said.

This new expansion allows for travel through Ultra Wormholes to challenge Ultra Beasts in their home territories. Explore the Ultra Megalopolis, encounter the Ultra Recon Squad and uncover more secrets of the UB Pokemon. Many aspects of this game have been changed to utilize the vast areas to roam in and just beyond Alola.

“Honestly, I’d like to see some varied play,” freshman Chelsea Bangert noted.

In this new expansion, legendary Pokemon Necrozma has stolen the light of Alola, rendering the region and powerful trainers within vulnerable to confrontation by the Ultra Recon Squad, represented by different teams in each version. Through returning the light to the Alola region in Ultra Sun, players cross with members Dulse and Zossie. In Ultra Moon, players cross with Soliera and Phyco.

“The new forms– I’m expecting those to be more cool with new opportunities to catch Ultra Beasts,” Short said.

The three new Ultra Beasts, UB Adhesive, UB Burst and UB Assembly, have the same ability as other UBs, Beast Boost. Despite new Pokemon and features, most players ignore the story modifications and upgrades and assume the worst of this installment.

“There’s not anything new,” freshman Ian Ruelas said. “I don’t think it’ll change much, it’s pretty much the same game.”

“I’m more interested in seeing a remake of the older games,” Bangert said.

Other players, however, see the enhanced gameplay and originality of the remake through the repeated story format.

“I feel that people should give it a chance before they critique it,” Short said.

In addition, there are special gift Pokemon available for early buyers.

The next chance to catch them all begins on Nov. 17 as generation seven continues to bring new Pokemon and new adventures through uncharted areas of familiar and unfamiliar regions alike, expanding the multiverse of Pokemon as we know it.