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All patched up with duct tape at Stuck at Prom scholarship contest

Relief was in the air as senior Vanessa Fano and junior David Diaz finished making their duct tape

outfits just in time for prom.

“I wore a quarter-length sleeve dress that went all the way down, whereas David wore a suit that had a collar and white pants,” Fano said. “We had a lot of glow in the dark in it and mainly I used dark colors, while he used bright sunny colors.”

Fano and Diaz entered a contest where they make their prom outfits out of duct tape. The first place prize for the “Stuck at Prom” scholarship is $10,000 for both participants and $5,000 for the school.

Junior David Diaz and senior Vanessa Fano pose for pictures at the Sportsman’s Lodge on May 2 during prom for their Duct Tape scholarship. The theme of Diaz’s outfit was day and Fano’s was night.

On May 2, Fano and Diaz attended prom at the Sportsmen’s Lodge and wore their duct tape outfits.

At prom, they had to take pictures of themselves in the outfits for the most important part of this competition.

The judges will be looking at these pictures to decide who the finalists will be. The judging criteria is equally weighted at 20% in these five categories: Workmanship, originality, use of colors, accessories and the use of “Duck Brand” duct tape.   

If Fano were to receive the scholarship, then she will use it towards her education for a bachelors of science in nursing at Mount St. Mary’s University. Since Diaz isn’t a senior yet, if he received the scholarship, then he’d save the money until he can use it for college.

Fano and Diaz are left with the task of picking the right pictures to submit for the scholarship. Then, they will have to go through the hardest part, which is waiting to find out if they were finalists.

After the finalists are announced, public voting takes place shortly after that so keep checking the scholarship website if you are interested in participating in the public voting component.    

“Duct tape is very hot, don’t wear it to prom,” Fano said.

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