Cedric Eusantos performs one of his many yo-yo tricks. (Photo by Jake Dobbs)
Daniel Pearl Magnet High School

Meet yo-yo master Cedric Eusantos

The presenter was flicking his wrists, crafting complex tricks with his body to rotate the yo-yo’s core.

Cedric Eusantos watched in awe as the yo-yo intricately avoided the pull of gravity as the angular momentum of its axle converted back into gravitational potential.

He was 10 years old.

“The presenter had a yo-yo and was teaching us about never giving up,” Eusantos said. “I was in fourth grade and through my seven years of yo-yoing, I haven’t given up.”

Eusantos, a junior at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School, recently won first place for his open division performance in the Nor-Cal Yo-Yo Championship on April 11.

“I support my son all the way,” father Mario Eusantos said. “Before a competition I tell him to perform the way he practiced. Win or lose, he makes me proud.”

With an organized suitcase filled with yo-yos and a Mountain Berry Blast Powerade to refuel his energy, Eusantos practices daily for about an hour. Whether it’s a plastic, light-up or a budget metal, Eusantos tries to get accustomed to his yo-yos’ different weights and circumferences in preparation for future competitions. His collection ranges from $5 to $50 yo-yos.

“Cedric is very driven and motivated,” friend David Flores said. “He makes sure to go to competitions as often as possible. I can see him going far in the yo-yo world.”

Striving to get sponsorships for his skills, Eusantos anticipates for the opportunity to perform outside the United States. The World Yo-Yo Competition, to be held in Japan this year, is the stage he foresees entertaining on alongside other professionals.

“There are yo-yo masters who perform their skills artistically,” Eusantos said. “I want to make my performances artistic too. I just want to have fun, meet new people and be the best yo-yo artist I can be.”