Photo by Elsie Morales Christiane Amanpour speaks at the 14th annual Daniel Pearl Memorial Lecture at UCLA on April 13.
Daniel Pearl Magnet High School

Christiane Amanpour details her life, career during Daniel Pearl Memorial Lecture

Despite social media’s popularity, renowned journalist and Chief International Correspondent for CNN Christiane Amanpour doesn’t think too highly of the means of communication.

“Everything gains importance equally, so nothing is important. And that’s scary,” Amanpour said.

Daniel Pearl Foundation supporters congregated in Cornell Hall at the University of California Los Angeles for the 14th annual Daniel Pearl Memorial Lecture on April 13 to listen to Amanpour speak.

Amanpour gave the example of the social media campaign “Bring Back Our Girls” and any celebrity’s outfit of the day. Both were shared on social media and both were given the same amount of attention, despite one being more important than the other.

Before the hour-long lecture, Amanpour met with student journalists from The Pearl Post and UCLA for a 30-minute interview about her journalism career, especially in areas of conflict.

“The world is a massively important place,” she said. “There’s no choice other than to be engaged.”

Amanpour, who was born in England and raised in Iran, expressed her belief of America being “the most important country in the world,” saying that “America controls everything.”

The annual lectures remember Pearl, the former Wall Street Journal reporter, and honor the work he did.

“Danny only had one religion, the religion of truth,” said Dr. Judea Pearl, remembering his son and journalist Daniel Pearl.

In addition, speakers at the annual lecture addresses current international crises and why Americans should get involved. Amanpour focused her lecture on truth and the importance of understanding the world.

“The most dangerous worldviews are of those who don’t view the world,” Amanpour said.