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College hacks that’ll save your wallet

According to College Board, during 2014-2015 the average tuition and fees paid by college students were:

  • $31,231 at private colleges
  • $22,958 for out-of-state residents attending public universities
  • $9,139 for state residents at public colleges
Gif from hellogiggles.com
Gif from hellogiggles.com

Do not let your wallet shrivel up in fear just yet. These three college hacks will prove there is power in every college student ID

1. Textbooks on SlugBooks

Screenshot from slugbooks.com
Screenshot from slugbooks.com

According to College Board, the average college student spends $1,200 a year on textbooks and school supplies. Even a single textbook can ring up as much as $200. However, sites like SlugBooks will save you from falling victim of overpriced college bookstores. SlugBooks lets you browse through used and new textbooks from multiple carriers like Amazon, eBay’s Half.com and BookRenter. You can even sell your textbooks on the site.

2. Discounts galore on UniDays

Screenshot from myunidays.com
Screenshot from myunidays.com

If you haven’t already shopped for your new college wardrobe, sign-up to UniDays. Here you will find discounts to stores like Unif, ASOS, Urban Outfitters and many more. If your technology needs an upgrade, there are discounts to Apple products and unique phone-cases from Casetify. Now you can strut through campus with your dream outfit while saving.

3. Fast food


A basic need that can add up so much. Fast food joints like McDonald’s, Domino’s, Subway, Burger King and Dunkin’ Donuts give a 10% discount to college students. Just whip your student ID back and forth at the register and dine like royalty.