Daniel Pearl Magnet High School

My message: Don’t forget undocumented children

Dear future president,

As you enter office, I can only imagine how overwhelming it is to take on such a job, but please don’t forget about the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants who also call this country home. I realize it is a crime to be in this country illegally, but please help those people who want to get right with the law and come out of the shadows. Don’t forget about the children who are scared to come home one day, finding their parents are gone and have to face the loneliness deportation leaves behind, all by themselves. Don’t forget about all those who entered this country illegally as innocent children– they didn’t even understand the concept of the law. As the future president of America, please help those who want to get right with the law, to legally contribute to this country, and to make America a better place.


Nayely DeLara

Daniel Pearl Magnet High School

North Hills, Calif.