Daniel Pearl Magnet High School

My message: Everyone deserves a decent home

Dear future president,

Once you enter office, don’t forget about Los Angeles. We need your help.

My uncle is homeless by choice because he’d rather just save his money than pay over $1,200 in rent. I pass so many young parents with children and elders on the street during the bus ride to school that it’s impossible not to notice. It seems like many of the important political figures who claim to love our city never do anything to help the part of it that needs saving. How can any struggling person in America be free when the minimum wage doesn’t even come close to substantial living standards?

My community, the place I love with all my heart, desperately deserves your attention because the funding doesn’t compare to the lack of outreach. It’s your responsibility to eliminate the transient issue, not only in Los Angeles, but throughout America.

Please, future president, don’t overlook us when we allow you the honor of leading us.


Amanda Jimenez

Daniel Pearl Magnet High School

Los Angeles, Calif.