Daniel Pearl Magnet High School

Peering into college with the Peer College Club

Junior Maria Danan walks into the warm classroom, sits down, brings out her lunch and waits to hear about what the next year will have in store for her.

“I come to Peer College Club because I want to learn more about college and what I have to do to have a better resume,” Danan said.

The Peer College Club started last November when juniors Eva and Michelle Kaganovsky banded together to pursue a better understanding of how to prepare for college. They approached school counselor Martina Torres and she helped by becoming a guest speaker at the club ever since.

“The goal of this club is for these students to gain awareness of college information to help prepare them for their journey after high school,” Torres said.

The club meets every Thursday in social studies teacher and club sponsor Davy Mauerman’s classroom and discusses career paths, colleges and scholarships among other topics. Danan came to the club to learn more about what she should start looking for in colleges as well as what to expect out of college life. She states to not have been disappointed by what she found in the club.

“The club is really helpful, they talk about financial aid and how to get accepted by the colleges we want to attend to,” Danan said.

Michelle and Eva, presidents of the Peer College Club, take responsibility for organizing meetings and getting college representatives in as well as arranging college visits.

“I felt like I lacked knowledge about the application process,” junior Faith Alvarenga said.

Much like Danan, Alvarenga came to the Peer College Club with hopes that she would gain a better understanding about college and to plan ahead for senior year. She was appreciative for the small group for the way it provides what feels like one-on-one help.

“I like it,” Alvarenga said. “It’s helped me feel more open-minded and prepared for senior year.”